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Feeling Instantly Better

I’m not one for role playing in the bedroom and if I’m going to be entirely honest under the banner of anonymity here it’s not because I don’t like it.

Truthfully, I didn’t even know if I’d like it, it was just that far removed from my mnd and that’s because I lacked the self confidence for that kind of thing. As a man you really need to make yourself completely vulnerable, it feels, in order to do this. My ego was too fragile.

That was until I met this amazing woman who couldn’t give a flying fuck what people thought about her. It’s not like she just behaved like a lunatic or anything but she was just so comfortable with herself that she had no issue doing what she enjoyed.

And it turns out roleplaying was one of those things, which I found out one day when she rocked up at my front door wearing an outfit not all too dissimilar to the one in pic, under a full length coat.

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Well this was a Little Unexpected

There are quite a few porn sites that play out medical fantasies. I mean, the fantasy of sparsely clad nurses giving you a much better time in hospital than simply taking your temperature or changing your drip has been an overwhelmingly popular genre since anyone can remember.

From it then branched some niches of which one is the fake gynaecologist. Perhaps more accurately the sites try and portray it as reality porn in that it is an actual gynae and patient scene and that the doc takes advantage of the patient or that she gets turned on by it etc.

This is exactly what I expected when I saw the name Gyno Violations but it turned out to be nothing like it. It turns out to be pure BDSM as you can see by the pic.

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It’s Time for a Physical

If I had to point out something specific within this scene that gives away that it is fake rather than the craziness of a doctor actually having a hidden camera in his office, malpracticing and condemning himself by posting the evidence on the internet, I would have to go with his shoes.

It takes some intelligence becoming a doctor and almost without fail intelligence breeds class. I have only ever seen common cunts and trailer trash having so little class as to wear open toe sandals with socks. Open toe sandals would be reason enough for me to kick you off my team.

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I kinda like the fantasy of having a chick blow me to help pass her driver’s license.

As Fake as the Easter Bunny but Just as much Fun

Fakehub exclusively produces scripted reality porn scenes. The again, who doesn’t, perhaps a pinch less emphasis on the blatancy of it, but hardly.

I caught a specific liking in this one because it’s not the same old, it’s novel, at least for a while.

I’ve fapped myself silly to babysitter porn, estate agent and the guys that cruise around and pick up random strangers to fuck in their minivan.

A single Fakehub discount for $20 off allowed me access to all seven of their sites. Stuff like Fake Taxi, Fake Hospital and Fake Driving School.

In my early porn adventures as a youngster I never gave a second thought to the actual reality of it, as long as it included fucking.

Then, for a while, I had an urge for it to be real but I lost that quickly because James from next door has the hands of a PTSD soldier and a shitty camera.

This turned out to be the best choice right here.